1. Publication the information on forgeries and stolen art objects.
2. Checking the information of discreditable character on art objects, including the official information on listing an art object in a data basis of stolen property.
3. Checking whether the art or technological expertise is genuine and valid basing on significant information scope of attributing forgeries on the Russian art market.
4. Collection and analysis the info on provenance.
5. Collection and analysis the info on legitimacy of ownership.
6. Providing professional services on art objects turnover including:
- providing the lawyer services (one of partners of our company) in a criminal litigation;
- art objects inheritance issues;
- export/import issues.
7. Transaction services.
8. Art collection appraisal including:
- systemization/cataloguing of art objects;
- official appraisal from Russian qualified appraisers working for the leading insurance companies and/or estimation at the leading European auction houses;
- checking attributions and provenance.

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